• Mac App Developer Platform DevMate is Now Free
    [February 23, 2016] OS X app development and distribution platform DevMate is now free, makers MacPaw announced. The suite gives indie developers and Mac software vendors tools to sell apps outside the Mac App store. The suite includes tools for licensing, crash reporting, update delivery, and feedback collection. MacPaw CEO says, “Lots of developers understand that there is […]
  • Apple Announced it will Open its First iOS App Development Center in Europe
    [January 28, 2016] Apple announced that it will open its first European iOS app development center. It’s to be located at partner institution in Naples, Italy. The center gives where students can acquire skills and training pertaining to the development of iOS applications. It will support teachers and provide a specialized curriculum geared toward the growth of Apple’s […]
  • New Site Launch Tip #10: Check New Website Performance
    [December 1, 2015] It’s not uncommon for new websites to be developed on a temparory URL or IP address. This allows developers to code the site where it can be reviewed, tested and tweaked by the marketing team without an unfinished site being accessible to the masses. Most site issues can be tested and tweaked while on that […]
  • Transfer Optimized Content
    [October 30, 2015] Ensuring optimized content is properly transferred to a new website is just one of the reasons you want to get an SEO involved in the development stage of a new site. Web designers are typically just focused on the new site and don’t think about what is necessary to maintain previous optimization efforts. In most […]
  • The Dos And Don’ts For Admob According To Google
    [September 25, 2015] Google announced some new guidance for AdMob banner ad implementation, updating the help center with some best practices and examples of what to do and what not to do.
  • New Features Were Added To Twitter’s Digits
    [August 14, 2015] Back in October, Twitter launched its mobile app development platform Fabric, which is made up of three modular kits, including a Twitter kit, which includes Digits. Digits allows people to sign into apps using their phone number. As the company explained at the time:
  • Everyone Can Now Use Google App Engine For Go
    [July 17, 2015] Google announced the general availability of App Engine for Go, the cloud-native open source language aimed at solving large-scale compute issues.
  • New Features Are Added To Amazon Redshift
    [June 16, 2015] First unveiled in 2012, Amazon made petabyte-scale data warehouse service Amazon Redshift available to all Amazon Web Services customers in 2013. Last year, it got faster data nodes.
  • Goo.gl App Deep Linking Expands Efforts To iOS
    [May 29, 2015] Earlier, Google announced that it is finally expanding its app indexing efforts to iOS apps after only having offered it for Android until now.
  • Which Comments WordPress Plugin Should You Use?
    [May 1, 2015] takes a lot for me to be completely won over by a new product out of the gate, never mind make me a staunch supporter of it from that very same gate. Usually, I’ll find a bunch of things I don’t like, and use that as an excuse to look for another solution, or one […]
  • Google Places Importance On Mobile Forms When Grading Usability
    [March 31, 2015] Google has been making a lot of moves to get mobile users a better user experience. As you may know, the company recently announced a pair of ranking signals for this purpose. One that’s already in effect will return in-app results for signed-in users who have those apps installed on their devices. The other one, […]
  • Do You Really Need to Crawl ALL 3,435,198 Pages?
    [March 6, 2015] Is it necessary to continue crawling the whole enterprise site? TL;DR. Not usually.
  • Learn How To Quickly Go Through Google Reconsideration Requests
    [February 6, 2015] It can be very displeasing when a webmaster gets a notification from Google that they have done something against the guidelines and they now have a “manual action” applied to their site, resulting in negative impacts on their ranking and traffic from Google.
  • Google Sending Notifications to Non-mobile Friendly Websites to Fix Mobile Usability Issues
    [January 23, 2015] Google is dispatching mass scale warnings to non-mobile friendly websites, indicating that new mobile algorithm may be coming soon. As revealed by Search Engine Roundtable, the notifications are sent through email and webmaster tools warning sites that their incompatibility with mobiles will cause ranking issues for them.
  • Route 85 Coming to Google Developers YouTube Channel
    [December 18, 2014] Route 85 is coming to the Google Developers Youtube Channel – +Todd Kerpelman is working on a series of videos for iOS developers. Bet you never would have thought this would come out of the GooglePlex!
  • Google Brings Intelligent and Horizontal Autoscaling to Compute Engine
    [November 21, 2014] Google announced the addition of autoscaling to Google Compute Engine. It’s now in beta, and is available to everyone. The autoscaling, which Google describes as intelligent and horizontal, is designed by the same team behind the scaling infrastructure for Google Search and Gmail.
  • Google Tag Manager Shows Off New API and Features
    [October 17, 2014] Google announced the launch a new Tag Manager API as well as a new interface for it, and some more third-party templates. The company expects these to make both marketers and IT teams happy. “Many large enterprises use Google Tag Manager to streamline and simplify website and mobile app tagging,” says product manager Lukas Bergstrom. […]
  • Updates Coming To Facebook’s Developer Services and APIs
    [September 19, 2014] Facebook announced a few updates to make it easier for developers to find the products they need based on industry, see updates about developer services and APIs, and make Parse apps remotely configurable. For starters, there’s a new industry-focused section on the Facebook Developers site.
  • Microsoft Decides To Delay Java-Blocking Feature For Internet Explorer
    [August 20, 2014] Microsoft recently posted to its Internet Explorer blog that it would begin blocking out-of-date ActiveX controls as part of its “ongoing commitment to delivering a more secure browser”. It then updated the blog to announce that it had postponed it until September 9th.
  • Tips Every Web Developer Should Remember
    [August 4, 2014] If only Ferris knew what was ahead. That quote comes from much simpler, and slower times. With the web and all it’s related technologies, we have seen life change faster than ever. If life was fast during Ferris’ day, it’s at lightning speed now!
  • Tips On How To Make Money With Google Play
    [July 18, 2014] If you thought Google was done posting videos from Google I/O sessions last week, think again. They’ve uploaded a new batch to YouTube about a variety of developer topics, mostly related to developing for Google’s various platforms.
  • Reports of Websites Going Down for Lack of ICANN Email Verification
    [June 17, 2014] There are reports that ICANN is now taking websites offline because of failures to verify ones’ email address. A popular website, JitBit.com, was recently taken offline because they failed to verify the site’s email address as listed in the whois record.
  • Matt Cutts Confirms Panda 4.0 is Softer and Gentler, but Lays the Groundwork for Future Changes!
    [May 27, 2014] When Google rolled out the Panda 4.0 update last week, there were several speculations regarding the nature of the update. But now things are clearer after the final tip-off came directly from the horse’s mouth. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of Search Spam confirmed in a tweet, the new Panda update is softer and gentler for […]
  • Events You Should Take Part In If You Are a GEO Developer
    [April 24, 2014] The event and training season is busy indeed and it can be tough to keep tabs on everything. The following are but a few events that are of interest to the Geo professional and/or geo developer. To begin, something for developers from the USGS. Are you interested in hearing what one developer has been doing […]
  • Easiest way to update your WordPress plugins?
    [April 3, 2014] Just moved from Blogger to WordPress and now I am apparently responsible for keeping all my themes, plugins and WordPress itself updated. What’s the easiest way to do that? Congrats on the jump from Blogger, for sure, but you’re right, now that you are running a WordPress blog (or any site with WordPress as the […]